Our Graduation Performances!

Oh my goodness, Year 6 graduation performances have been and gone and what fabulous performances they were! The first performance was the Graduation Play based on the old story, “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” The graduation play stresses the point that moving on can sometimes be a little scary but once there, it’s not too bad at all. Watch the students perform the play and you’ll see this message bought to light.

The second performance was the recital of the poem called “Moving On” and finally, with a big helping hand from Mr Farrell, the students sang the Green Day song “Time Of My Life.” I’m very proud of all my Year 6 students. A job well done.

Good luck Year 6 and all the very best for high school.
Lots of love and best wishes
Mrs Quealy

Learning with iPads!

Mrs Quealy borrowed two iPads from the CEO for us to use at school and we think learning with them is really cool. We’ve been learning about growing up and the reproductive systems in boys and girls. We think our bodies are truly amazing. As an assessment task we were asked to demonstrate the similarities and differences of the changes in puberty between boys and girls using the mind mapping App “Idea Sketch” and upload our mind maps to our blog but Mrs Quealy is having a bit of trouble with this step. Let’s hope she gets this sorted soon.

Here are a few photos of us hard at work.

Using iPads for learning

Using iPads for learning

Graduation Day

On Friday 9th December we celebrated our Graduation by having a beautiful Graduation Mass, Morning Tea with our parents and a picnic lunch and games afternoon down at our local park. Unfortunately the pizza ordered for us didn’t arrive and so we had to go back to school for it. When we got back, we continued our festivities by watching a DVD in our classroom on our Interactive Whiteboard. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t finish the movie but we all had a great day anyway.

Here are a couple of our Graduation photos:

Our Graduation Cake(s) Our yummy Graduation Cake(s)

Enjoying a coke with friends

Here we are enjoying a coke with friends!

Mini Vinnies Photos! Fab

Yippee, Mrs Q has finally got around to posting our Mini Vinnies Stall day photos. It was a great day, highly successful, raising over $1200.00. What a blast! Thanks to all the students who participated in our stalls.
Mini Vinnies Stall Day on PhotoPeach

Let’s watch the news!

Here’s a QR Code for the ABC children’s program BTN.  

Scan it using the school’s iPad and watch the latest episode.  

Design a poster in GLOGSTER and post it on your blog.  


Skyping with Carole Wilkinson

What an absolutely briliant day!  We skyped Carole Wilkinson, the Australian author of the novel our class is currently reading, “Dragonkeeper.” Carole was in Clifton Hill, Victoria and we were in Botany, NSW. The Google map below shows you just how far apart the two towns are: 887 km (10hrs, 17mins) or 964 km (11 hrs, 26 mins) depending on the highway you take but it was as though Carole was right with us in our very own classroom!  Click on the Google map to see the distance between the two towns.


Our Skype call took 22 mins and 22 secs exactly and we learnt lots of things not only about Carole but also about writing.  One of the important things we learnt from Carole was that the very first draft is certainly nowhere near the finished piece of writing, and that you have to go back and make changes again and again.  Carole said that the first draft is called a zero draft and no one gets to see this draft! 

Our Skype Session with Carole Wilkinson on PhotoPeach

As you can see, some of us had jobs to do during the session. We had six interviewers (they were chosen because they had written the best questions for homework!), a photographer, a videographer, two students typing up the whole conversation, two students locating the towns and calculating the distance between them on Google Maps and another on standby ready to look up any necessary information. The rest of us listened and watched as Carole answered our questions.


Here is the transcript of our conversation with Carole. It’s taken from the backchannel site “Todaysmeet” and Ansherina and Kevin did all the typing. Aren’t they great?  Kevin copied and pasted the transcript to a Word document  and Mrs Q tidied it up.  Take a look, we asked some pretty good questions. 

Preparing for our Skype call

How exciting, on Friday 28th October, we are going to be using Skype for the very first time in our classroom. We are going to Skype the Australian author, Carole Wilkinson. Carole wrote the novel we are reading at the moment, “Dragonkeeper.” Mrs Q has allocated certain jobs to ensure we get the most out of our Skyping experience.  Here are our Skype jobs: 


Have you skyped in your classroom?  Tell us of your experiences.   



Mini Vinnies Annual Stall Day

Each year the Mini Vinnies Group at our school holds a Mini Vinnies Stall Day and this day is coming up very soon – next week in fact! It’s always a huge success, raising money for various charities. This year all funds raised we go to The Charitable Works Fund. What happens is, stall holders organise their own stall and set it up. When the time starts, classes come out one at a time to purchase goods from the various stalls and participate in the fun activities. In the past we’ve had such stalls as “Ball in Bucket”, “Guess the jellybeans”, “Pick the teacher” etc and of course a cake stall. We always have a lot of fun and it’s great knowing that while we are having fun, we are helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Fathers’ Day

Our class and Year 1 were in charge of organising this year’s Fathers’ Day Mass. All the children in the school drew pictures of the things their dads do with them and Mrs Q added ours and Year 1′s to the PowerPoint presentation that was shown during the Mass. Everybody else had theirs displayed in the church. Here are ours. We hope you like them.

Grandparents’ Day

On Friday 16th September, our school celebrated Grandparents’ Day. Every class performed an item in front of the whole school and all our visitors. Our class performed “The Emperor’s New Clothes” because all term we have been studying various Asian countries as well as reading the novel ‘Dragon Keeper’ by Carole Wilkinson and the word “emperor” kept popping up so hence our performance!
Take a look at it, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Digital Natives – 21st Century Learners

We love using our Apple Mac computers. We use them during Reading Groups, HSIE and during other subjects too. Here we are using our computers to blog and complete our Asian research task. Some of us just like to sit quietly and read a good book! Our teacher says we make a handsome class but she is biased! What do you think?

Our Excursion to Chinatown

On Thursday 8th September, our class went on an excursion to Chinatown in Sydney.  It was brilliant, we learnt so much about Chinese culture and traditions and how rich and vibrant it is.  These are some of the photos we took on our excursion.

In the Chinatown slide show you’ll see photos of:
• a Chinese Health Store
• Chinese characters (writing)
• a beautiful big tree cleverly demonstrating the five Chinese elements – water, gold, wood, fire and earth
• sculptures of Fu Dog
• the entrance sign into Chinatown
• Chinese architecture with sculptured animals on the roof

Sydney’s Chinatown on PhotoPeach

In the Chinese Garden of Friendship slide show you’ll see photos of:
Koi (fish), bamboo, a Bonsai garden, a sculpture of the Chinese Zodiac, beautiful Chinese lanterns and examples of elegant Chinese architecture with its curved eaves.

Sydney’s Chinese Gardens on PhotoPeach

Our excursion ended with an absolutely delicious lunch at the Chinese Restaurant, East Coast, in Chinatown. The restaurant was rather classy. We were comfortably seated around large circular tables and the waiters and waitresses looked after us very well. We ate yummy Chinese food with chopsticks.

Heptagon or Septagon?

Have a look at our performance about the 2D Shape – HEPTAGON. We had a lot of fun coming up with the rhyming lines for our rap (have a look below). We created the music to our rap in GarageBand with a big hand from our class mates Madeleine and Jacob, they’re so talented. Enjoy!

The Regular Heptagon

Is it Heptagon or Septagon?
Either way it’s a polygon

It has seven blunt angles
That won’t get in any tangles

The angles are obtuse
They won’t take any abuse

There’s also seven vertices
So treat them with courtesy

All sides are equal
They follow as a sequel

The angles are congruent
With this we are quite fluent

35 triangles (5 from each vertex)
now seeing this really does perplex

With 7 lines of symmetry
It makes for odd geometry

There are 14 diagonals in all
With this you can be sure.

7 times whatever centimetre
will give you its perimeter

7 lines of radii shoot from the centre
creating the illusion of being able to enter

Now the sum of its interior angles is 900 degrees
Just do the Maths; it’s simply a breeze!

Each angle has a degree of 128.57
If you string them altogether, they’d probably reach to Heaven!

Where could heptagons really be?
Well just take a look and you will see.

In England it’s a 50 pence piece
Not enough to pay a lease

In the jewellers you’ll find a ruby red
Big and shinny and as heavy as lead.

In the garden there’s a special glider
He’s the beautiful little Gea spider.

On the ceiling of a Melbourne court
The finest heptagon will be sought.

A heptagon shaped pie
Made of yummy wheat and rye.

Would equally serve
Seven friends who deserve.

So you can now plainly see
How important the heptagon must be!

By Yr 6 of 2011 ©

Karate Experts!

Year 6 doing Karate! on PhotoPeach

We have been participating in Karate lessons with Master Michael, our karate teacher, for 7 years now – ever since Kindergarten. The slide show below shows us practising some basic karate moves and using karate kombaton sticks. Master Michael says we’re pretty good and so do our teachers.

Year 6 Performing “Disturbia”

Wow, how proud am I! :)
My Year 6 class has been participating in the “Got Games: Rhythm and Dance” program this term under the expert guidance and instruction of Miss Emily. Miss Emily is a superb dance teacher, choreographing lots of energising moves and steps for her students to learn. Take a look at my students dancing to “Disturbia.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Building a Cubic Metre

How long does it take to put a cubic metre together? Not long for this group of Yr 6 Mathematicians!

One of the Maths units we studied this term was Volume. We used the mathematical formula for volume (L X B X H) to find the volume of our classroom. However, being true mathematicians, we weren’t happy with that and wanted proof so we constructed a cubic metre using dowel sticks and connectors (borrowed from Kindergarten – thanks Kinder). When using the formula, the volume of our classroom was 113.75 cubic metres (6.5m x 7 x 2.5). However, when we used our cubic metre, the volume was (3 x 7 x 6) 126 cubic metres. Oh well, we were 12 and a quarter cubic meters out – could have done with more cubes!

Notice we had to add diagonal dowel sticks to stabilise our cube.  This made each face rigid because it divided the square (a non rigid shape) into a triangle (a rigid shape).  Fancy that!   :)


In studying Antarctica this term, we were very fortunate to participate in an incursion with the fascinating and interesting Antarctic adventurer, Chris Olsen. He taught us many amazing facts about Antarctica. Have a look at our slide show, you’ll love it.

Antarctica Incursion on PhotoPeach

Wow, How Quickly Time Flies!

Here we are half way through term 2 and we haven’t posted a comment on our blog yet, well not on our class blog anyway! We’ve been so busy preparing for our Confirmation and RE Test and posting on our own blogs! Why not take a look at the Blog Roll to the right and check out our individual blogs!

Confirmation was simply brilliant. Bishop Julian Porteous helped to make our Confirmation so meaningful, spiritual and special. We all felt very much the adult Catholic Christian and aim to bring about justice and peace by using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Final Count

Oh well, we didn’t quite make our $300.00 target. Never mind, $224.00 is pretty good, it’s over half way. Great job Year 6, we all did our very best and after all we were also contributing to the Project Compassion Box collection too.

Our Lenten Project

A great big thank you to Mrs Wendelin for making the cake for our cake raffle. We raised a further $84 giving us a total of $174.00. Fabulous work, we’re very proud of ourselves!
Our Lenten Project on PhotoPeach

Terrific Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we participate in different activities with our fabulous teacher Mrs Disalvo. Mrs D teaches us Art, Writing and the Space strand in Maths. We love having Mrs D because she makes our learning fun and exciting. In Art this term we have been studying Australian artists who have their art work on display in the Australian Parliament House e.g. Ken Done, Sidney Nolan and Grace Cossington-Smith. During our Mathematical Space sessions we constructed 3D Shapes, spun out on rotational symmetry, studied angles and completed tangram puzzles. It’s been a lot of fun. Our Writing text type this term is Exposition and some of the topics we have written about are “Should school canteens sell junk food?” and “Should school students be given homework?” Mrs D was amazed with some of the arguments we proposed and how we used persuasive language to get our message across. She said we’d make either good politicians or sales people. Hm, interesting!

Terrific Tuesdays with Mrs D on PhotoPeach

Literacy Groups

Each day of the week we participate in Literacy Groups (except on Tuesdays). This term we are completing work based on the novel we are reading, “Holes”. We have four different reading activities: Literacy Response, Multiple Choice Questions, “Holes” Workbook and of course Oral Reading with Mrs Q. Here we are in action, take a look:

Literacy Groups on PhotoPeach


At the moment we are reading a very exciting novel called “Holes” by Louis Sachar. You can see it on our bookshelf. The book is about a very unlucky boy called Stanley Yelnats who was wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Although Stanley was sent to court and had a fair trial, he had lost all his rights because the judge did not believe him. The novel has lots of twists and turns with a very surprising end. What do you think will happen to Stanley Yelnats? We recommend “Holes” for lower secondary to upper primary school students.

Future Politicians?

Early in term one we went on an excursion to NSW Parliament House in Macquarie Street, Sydney. We were taken on a tour of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. The Legislative Council is the Upper House and it’s the red chamber. It’s also known as “The House of Review” because it’s the house that keeps a check on the government. The Legislative Assembly is the Lower House and it’s the green chamber. We sat in the seats of both houses and felt like real politicians. We participated in a role play, debating a bill about whether school students should be paid to go to school. It was great fun and the calling out got a bit loud at times. The government lost and the bill become a law. Thank goodness, could you just imagine if students got paid to attend school? What do you think? Do you agree with us in saying that school students should not be paid to attend school?

Take a look at our slide shows below. Don’t you think we all look like up and coming politicians!

NSW Parliament House on PhotoPeach

Very recently we went to Canberra and visited the Australian Parliament House and the War Memorial. We learnt how the Australian voting system works. It’s all about getting absolute majority and not being first past the post. Preferential voting plays a big part in gaining absolute majority. We tried it out by voting on 4 fruits: oranges, peaches, bananas and apples. Oranges won hands down! We think its got something to do with having just eaten some delicious oranges at lunchtime! :)

We also debated the bill “Should advertisements appear during children’s television programs?” Surprisingly, the opposition won by one vote because a minister from the government crossed the floor and voted for the opposition. The result was that advertisements are allowed to appear during children’s programs. What do you think?

We noticed similarities and differences between NSW Parliament House and Australian Parliament House. One noticeable difference was the size – the Australian Parliament House is a lot bigger and newer!

Australian Parliament House on PhotoPeach

Performing “Dig it Up”

The other great thing about today was our performance of “Dig it Up,” the theme song from the movie “Holes.” We were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed performing in front of the whole school! The movie is based on Louis Sachar’s novel of the same name. We’re reading “Holes” during our reading sessions. It’s a brilliant book about boys in a juvenile detention centre. One boy, Stanley Yelnats, is wrongly accused and is sent to the detention centre which is called Camp Green Lake. It’s a brilliant book full of surprises. Why not borrow it from your library, we’re sure you’d enjoy it.

Take a look at our performance!

Yippee, success!

Today was a great day at school. We began our Lenten project, a weekly cake raffle. We raised $90 and all proceeds go to Caritas Australia. Not bad for a one day event. Caritas Australia is a Catholic organisation that helps people less fortunate than us in countries around the world. We’ll be having two more cake raffles before the school holidays begin so hopefully we’ll reach our target of $300. Keep an eye on our fundraiser thermometer to see – it may even burst!


Hi everyone!  Welcome to our class blog.  It’s a place where we’ll be sharing lots of fabulous, intriguing and captivating work.  To all our visitors, we do hope you enjoy reading and seeing all our material.  We’re in for lots of fun this year so come along and join us on our ride of a life time in 2011!